Alexandra Richards for Vixen

Here is my newest. I loved the location we were at, The Gold Bar, you know my goth soul just perked up and I was in my element. This was art directed by amazing Sophy Holland, who is my fellow goth child, so needless to say……it was oh so deliciously dark.  

Working with Alexandra was pleasure, she was very sweet and patient (with the cat, whose name is Fidel, on her head and lying among dead things, fowls and chickens).

Lets talk make up! So as you can see theme was rock princess, to go with the fact she is a daughter of Rolling Stones Keith Richards. As with every assigment I get, I do my research carefully and I noticed that Alexandra’s make up was done mostly, smokey eye, light lips, repeat….
Sometimes is so easy to fall into cliche, I know I am guilty of it myself, so naturally when you were given a theme that is described as goth, dark, rock and roll, you would automatically think: Oh YEAH, lets give her black eyes and mess her up to look like rock princess YEAH!!! Dude I am so cool and original (holding the horn sign with my hand).

One thing I loved about Alexandra the most, were her beautiful lips. They look like they have been drawn on, perfectly defined and shaped (so jealous). So I wanted to keep her face warm, and soft, but little bit creepy, by taking out her brows, lightening her eyelashes (my goth heart, begged for it). But give her interesting, dark lips. You can’t see it that much on the shot, but in that awesome praying suit she had, dark purple matte lips and gold strip right above her lip. Here is behind the scene photo

Her costar Fidel, needed just a little powder, his skin was flawless! I kid I kid PETA people, ha ha ha.
So I conclude this little story with his highness Fidel. Enjoy the images guys!

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