Beauty breakdown: Elle STYLE360 Sachika F/W 2012

We had an amazing range of looks this season and it was so much fun flowing from one mood to another.
I am starting my back stage report with delicious spy girls from Sachika line.
Sachika twins To-Tam and To-Nya drew their inspiration from strong, mysterious, world traveling spy girls, who despite all of the action still manage to be classy and playful.
What a great combination!

When I think of spy girls, I always instinctively go to more polished femme fatale women of classic silver screen. To compliment beautiful hair creations by key hairstylist Linh Nguyen, naturally, I went there.
I find Sachika’s style very happy and playful, just like their creators.  That is why I wanted to ad some of that coy humor and flirtatiousness in the look itself, by making it little more bold and exaggerated.

Quizzical brow,

Super sharp eyeliner liner

 and wine stained lips

When doing this kind of look, you need to be extra attentive to skin.
Use little bit extra coverage if need it, with such dramatic statement, canvas itself requires flawless look.

I have used our makeup sponsor’s Beauti Control pen liquid liner to line up eyes in very high arch.
Instead of following natural curvy contour of the eye, I have drown more of the upward thick line, that goes straight across the eye.

It gives it more dramatic and little bit superhero vibe.
We have used individual lashes applied very generously, to create thick, butterfly like lashes and coated them with black mascara.

Primary blush used on most faces was called PINK. It was very clear blue toned pink color that was  perfect for achieving that very girly, coy cheek.
I have finished the look with staining the lips with Beauti Control new hydrating lipstick Hypnotic. Something our girls certainly were, strutting down the runway looking mysterious and seductive.
So there it is, you can’t go wrong with little bit of playfulness and you can, with a flick of an eyeliner transform yourself into hypnotic spy girl!

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