how to save your back and still look stylish

You glam urban warriors know the perils of dragging kit trough the city streets and not to mention subways (insert: dramatic hand over the forehead gazing up to the sky and YESSS violins are present…what?).

I feel like rheumatic 90 year old grandma who wants to cuss everyone out on her way to the photo studio.
So to prevent any innocent blood shed due to my crankiness, I became queen of downsizing.
I still wish I had some gorgeous guy assistant in leopard speedos to carry it all for me, but ain’t happening any time soon….sigh

  • I transfer all of my liquids in small bottles. I use glass vials for my liquid foundations
  • De-potting your eyeshadow and placing them on palettes- big help
  • putting your lipstick in metal pots and onto the palettes saves a lot of space

Check out these crafty ones from Yaby

For the longest time I had this little sweet yellow suitcase I got from Brookstone, I wore that poor thing down.

It was all ripped inside, with me trying to cram as much stuff that I feared A&E show Hoarders will ambush me any minute.

Wheels were giving up, I started to sound like one of those hunched horror movie monsters with squeaky wheel for the leg. Hereeeee comesssssssss the crazyyyy make up artist, hide little children, run for your LIVESSSSSsss (cue lightning!!).
It was time to say goodbye to my old yeller, my trusted companion.

I was left with the task of finding another suitcase, that can hold all of my stuff, but be small enough not to give me before mentioned hump trying to go up and down the stairs.

I was flirting with this little handsome fella for a while now (forgive me Old yeller, I was innocent, I promise) by the name Zuca. But he was giving me expensive vibe and was little bit cocky it seemed.

Store had few choices, one of them being Zuca Pro, that had additional compartments inside.
I already had my own bags so I really did not need all of that.
I settled for much more affordable Zuca Sport variation instead.
It was called Zuca Stealth, it made me feel like ninja with that name, I swear. I started dragging it around, it was so silent and then….WOW…wheels started shining! Whooo hooo I am disco ninja!
Thus begun the love affair

Upon seeing how little the Zuca bag was, my boyfriend expressed fear that not all of my stuff will fit in. I was scared….to our surprise, it ALL fit with some room to spare. TA DA!!!

I was glad to see that all of my roll make up organizers were PERFECT size for inside of the bag

Did I mention you can sit on it? Its frame is made strong and for sitting. So yay for my lazy bones!

So there, I am happy little make up artist, I am armed and ready for Urban Jungle. Stealthy taking over the fashion world……Now……about that speedo clad assistant…….


  1. Maribel, I saw one hairstylist use it, she overstuffed it.It works perfectly for me, since I have those bags I can stack one on the top of another. I assume it would work for smaller job, since I know you guys drag around even bigger suitcase because of the hair extensions.

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