Magic Mushrooms

I forgot to share with you my newest painting. It was birthday gift for my boyfriend’s sister Susan, who is obsessed with Alice in Wonderland.
So to make it extra fun, I adopted Susan’s little girl photos ( blond hair with bangs), and created big eyed Alice.
Since she does have naughty little brother aka, my boyfriend, I added his piercings to Cheshire cat, to represent him in the photos. I am quite fond of dragonflies and I have decided when ever I am doing original peice, I will always have dragonfly somewhere in the painting to represent me. In this case, her broach.
Body pose and graceful hands were made possible by lovely model Valeria, who was very patient and sweet to pose for me after we were done with a photo shoot!

This was my first original painting, and I am so proud and happy how it turned out. I feel that with every painting I am finding my voice more and more. I want to do series of book cover paintings, so stay tuned….

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