Make Up For Ever 30th anniversary celebration, 30/30 artist eyeshadow palette with me Viktorija Bowers being one of them

Make Up For Ever 30th anniversary celebration, 30/30 artist eyeshadow palette with me Viktorija Bowers being one of them

Viktorija-Bowers-MUFE30yrwebI still remember the first time I walked into Make Up For Ever boutique, which back then, was located in Soho.Freshly moved to NYC, wide eyed and little overwhelmed; I was greeted by the most amazing cast of characters at their flagship store, among them Katie, Janis, Kareth and Wendy, led by loving and beautiful energy that was Heidi Ouaknine.
Place quickly became my refuge, I found comfort surrounded by vibrant colors, powders and listening to their voices that offered re-assurance, friendship and sense of home.
That was almost 10 years ago, and even though the cast of characters changed a little, some new faces came in to love (looking at you Nancy), Make Up For Ever remained my family and the love I feel for those men and women is still here and still very strong.
In my career I have experienced many ups and downs, from crushing rejections to amazing opportunities.  Not for one minute do I forget that my path both as an artist and as a human being has always been paved with love, opportunity and encouragement given to me by others.
Even the most bitter rejection or set back is a teachable moment that makes you stronger. I am grateful for it all, and mostly grateful for people in my life. Almost 10 years later, when I walk into Make Up Forever studio, I know I am home.
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That is why, being honored as one of 30 pro artists (each with their own vibrant stories)  by Make Up For Ever is such an amazing, yet humbling gift to me.
It is a reminder that if you work hard and don’t let anyone make you feel “less than”, the world opens so many possibilities.
30 years ago, visionary Dany Sanz created this company with Artists in mind.  Her colorful imagination, passionate heart and her wisdom can be felt in every product and lands itself to so many possibilities.
30 years later, 29 artists from different branches of our industry are joining her in celebration with this beautiful eyeshadow palette, with colors we curated.
I am one of them.
I cry a little still, when I think of it, it is such an honor and such an affirmation.
The color I choose is a beautiful, versatile medium gray called “Steel”, it was my homage to the streets of NYC.
It’s gritty nature offers so many possibilities and just like city itself mixes beautifully with all the colors, textures  and offers depth beyond any other. This city is my true home and people in it letters on the pages of my life story. l cherish it all
Some of you know I like to paint on the side, to keep my color sense going, so when Make Up For Ever asked me to create face chart to go with my chosen color, I knew I had to paint something for them, to commemorate this amazing event.
Here is video link to my interview and my story…….Thank you for listening and keep on following your dreams.
With love Viktorija


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  1. Awesome! I remember you when you worked in Atlanta Georgia. I always admired your work and I am happy for you on this great accomplishment

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