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Hello world,
It has been ton of time since I sat down and blogged (working on the new painting, I will keep you updated of course).
So a while ago I worked on a story inspired by Icebergs, that was shot in a kiddy pool of all places LOL!

Perfect example, when there is will there is a way, creative people getting together to create something special.
Not to mention amazing, patient model Britt Bolton who is the one waking around painted head to toe, with blue armpits, neck and hair. Thank heavens for patient gracious models!
I really do love my job, especially when I get to step out of the comfort zone and apply my other passion of painting on human body.

Painting for water can be tricky, once I did waterproof airbrush on a shoot, where models were jumping in the milk. Paint was chipping off (for a very cool effect I might add), but for the life of me, I can not figure out what was going on. I came to conclusion that milk was acting like natural make up remover, so you just have to roll with the punches…and try not to drink milk, or dunk your Oreos in the models pool…..hmmm….I’ll be right back…

So for this shoot, I had to keep maintaining the look as well, since color was sliding off as well, but once I added more of a grease paint, things got little more stable.
So here it is, our iceberg in all her glory!

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