My Fashion Week adventures

This year I was given an opportunity to be a lead make up artist for all of the Elle Magazine Style 360 shows, what an amazing experience.
I got to work and meet with some incredible people, like super talented and nice Danilo, inspiring stylist Arianne Philips who styled our Bebe show, lovely and fun Toni and Guy crew lead by Whitney Blischke, Gia, David, Shannon and all of the rest of the crew that made this happen with such organization and grace……it was just magical.

It was amazing how calm and focused I was able to be amid all of the chaos of the backstage madness.
So much to think about, so much more than just doing make up, like captain of the glam ship.
We had an amazing crew of make up artist who with their talent and focus made all of it possible.
I am so grateful.
My beloved agent Brandi (the tiny cutie I am hugging the air out of in the picture) was there to land me her support and my agency was amazing at doing backstage coverage with our own blogger following me around.
I had special treat that one of my first assistants Crystal flew all the way from Atlanta to land me her support, and she was there with me trough make up tests, negotiations and everything else other than make up. She joined my dearest Emma to bring calming and reassuring presence that was a glue that kept everything together. Team is everything.

Our sponsor for Spring/Summer season was Beauti Control. Besides having some of the most delicious, kind and friendly crew, their product was beautiful and made our lives so much easier.

They provided myself and my crew with full kit that I used to create all of the looks for the shows.
They are famous for excellent skin care, but I have to say their color line was very impressive.
From beautiful foundations in wide range of color, to pigmented eyeshadow and lipsticks to my new favorite – liquid eyeliner pen, that I am glued to right now, even in my personal life……kudos Beauti Control team.

I was really lucky to be able to create so many different looks in the span of few days. It was an amazing platform to showcase different make up range I have locked up in my head.
We did everything from porcelain dolls for Bebe, to greasy eyed rock chick for Avril Lavigne’s Abbey Dawn line to painted on cowboy boots for Marithe + Francois Girbaud.

I had fun doing wonderful Stacy Igel Boy Meets Girl presentation with Bachelorette Ashley Herbert leading the pack. Inspiration was Americana, so we added stars to join the red lipstick, homage to our flag.
Making sure JP did not kiss of her red lipstick was an extra homework I did not mind doing. They were so cute together.
Daisy Fuentes easy breezy St. Tropez girls were so much fun and so easy to do, since we just survived very intense day before.
Making models look rested and bronzed up with smokey eyes was walk in the park. Sachika twins, full of joy and beautiful energy wanted us to help them bring mermaids to life, and we were happy to deliver with gold, aqua and deep blue eyes.

For Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne, we did greased up black rocker eye that I brought back to sweet girlyness by adding  Hot Pink lipstick (by Beauti Control).
I was also mindful of the star guest Kylie Jenner (Kim Kardashian little sister, who was in the front row cheering her on) young age when doing her make up. I did not go as dramatic on her eyes as with rest of the models, I wanted to preserve the fact she is 14 years old.

 For Samantha Black we did graphic liner and salmon colored lips,  to mimic some of the black and white prints she had in her collection.

So there you have it.

From porcelain dolls, boys and girls wearing painted on shoes, hard partying rock chicks, all the way to posh St. Tropez girls and seductive mermaids….
I was given an opportunity to send colorful cast of characters down the runway, and be proud of it.
I love my job!!!


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