New Campaign: Olay Regenerist


In make up artist life, it is always super exciting to be a part of prestigious ad campaign that will end up on the pages of every magazine out there.

It is like badge of honor.

It brings you sense of pride and accomplishment and justifies all of the crazy photo shoots you subjected yourself to as young make up artist “You want me to ad glitter, lace AND sequence too??? Daaarling??

Beauty shoots are so much more technical, don’t be fooled by their simplicity.

Your job is to be as precise as humanly possible and make your photographer proud of you and their client super happy.

It all begins with casting the perfect model of course. That is where experienced eye of true beauty photographer comes to play.  They know what they are looking for, close up like that leaves nothing to imagination.

I won the lottery with lovely Kourtney here, that was step one. Her skin was flawless and it gave me so much inspiration and confidence.

Step two is skin prep. In shoots like this, no matter how flawless skin is, you still have to do work to make it look…effortlessly,  glowingly beautiful.

So bring out  those face scrubs, de-puffing eye pads, lip exfoliators, tweezers and all of the sci-fi gadgets in your possession. As finale, yes, Regenerist was used, to beautifully prepare the skin for make up application.

Being mindful that skin, must look like skin is the key (that seems to be my favorite word according to my hubby, the KEY).

It is your mission to help the client represent their brand in the most beautiful way (and it all starts with exceptional talent of the photographer Ondrea Barbe).

On the job like this, there are about 4-5 creatives (art directors, creative directors, graphic designers etc) are sitting behind huge monitor seeing your work up close and personal as it is being shot.

This is the moment of truth, you can’t think to yourself, oh they will fix that in post.

They need to love it right there and then, only then you can take a breath.

You better pay attention, every hair, every lash needs to be perfect. You can’t have heavy foundation sitting on the model’s skin, no distracting colors to take away from the glow you so lovingly worked on.

Balance is the key (here it is, that word again!). I can paint the model rainbow colors with the best of them, but knowing when is appropriate is of most importance, and that comes with years of experience (and few of the “What the hell was I thinking” photo shoots).

These kind of shoots are my dream come trough. Anything that has to to with beauty and hair, my heart skips the beat. I adore amazing fashion shoots too, but it seems that destiny always steers me toward beauty project, like universe chose it for me.

As I watched those masterfully lit photos come up on the screen, my heart swelled with pride and sense of accomplishment. I did it! I am here! Part of this amazing energy.

Then as final chapter, seeing it come out in print, wanting to shout out to the world “I did this, I did this” makes all of those days of lugging that heavy make up suitcase up and down subway steps so totally worth it!!


Feeling grateful 🙂


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