Santigold, art and awesome music

I have meant to write about this forever, but being busy, traveling, working, painting my heart out,
I always forget, but TODAY I do it.
My beautiful talented Santi has come out with a new AMAZING album “Master of My Make-Believe” for which I had pleasure doing her make up for the painting that is behind her.

That was fun day, we played dress up, even I donned some costumes too :). We took series of portraits for the painter, so he has photo reference to work from. Result is stunning!! It was painted by super talented Kehinde Wiley.
Being painting enthusiast myself, this was my dream project. Here are some behind the scenes photos.

 This ended up being final outfit that was used in the painting, and it was my fave!

 As you can see we had true costume party and it was lots of fun. I kept Santi’s make up pretty natural and simple, she has most beautiful skin, so no heavy coverage needed for this lady.

 And the final pose! Ready to be painted

Being the part of this project was truly exciting, and I am always excited and happy when I work with Santi. 
Few months ago, I did her make up for music video, which I will post as it comes out.
In the meanwhile check out her new album! She is truly fascinating, beautiful and inspiring artist to work with. I feel privileged. I LOVE my job!!

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