To New Fresh Beginings and Glamour Magazine

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To New Fresh Beginings and Glamour Magazine

Happy New Year everyone!

2012 was filled with highs and lows for me, and I feel it was a turning point in my life.

I carry endless supply of gratitude for even most painful moments and cherish them as much as I do happy ones. Each one a feather in my new wings, dusting the ash away.  I am looking forward seeing what this year has to offer.
I wish you all, most beautiful, inspiring New Year, filled with love and creativity.

To start fresh and sparkly, I am sharing new editorial just published in Mexican edition of Glamour Magazine by photographer Michael David Adams.

We had pleasure working with delightful twins from Lithuania Aida & Ieva Aniulyte. They were such joy to have around, amazing models and great comedians as well. They had us in stitches most of the time and synergy they had with each other was inspiring and effortless.
Lets start with behind the scenes photo, from one of the looks.
I can’t thank talented manicurist Eri Handa enough for her sweet energy and her talent, she so graciously lands us on our shoots. Linh Nguyen for beautiful hair and Don West for amazing styling.

Shall we begin……

I have been on minimalist kick lately, so much more about the skin, freshness accompanied by accents of color.

I have bleached their brows in order to provide extra minimalistic palette, that will accent pops of color even further. I love bleaching brows, I think endless supply of Jolen cream bleach is in order!
This obsession probably stems from the fact that I am painter as well.
I love creating story, characters and symphony of colors….
I LOVE my job!!!

I wanted to touch on trends that are happening right now, like purple lips, or beetle colored eyes, but still keeping it simple and approachable.
Naturally I  know that everyday woman is not bleaching her brows any time soon (well, unless they are me, in my goth period) but certainly can take elements of these lush, rich colors in everyday life.
One product that I am loving right now for that wide eyed, rested look is Le Blanc lightening corrector by CHANEL

This magic wand, helped with dark spots, and dark under eye circles and gave me amazing prep to achieve that luminous skin I was going after. It has metal ball that is cooling, de-puffing, kind of like high tech ball of cucumbers. So yay for peeps at Chanel!!!
I loved how all came together, perfect blend of different minds, creating singular image. I could have not started my year any better…
Without further ado….here is the editorial with delicious twins!

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