Fat bellied Tigers and rambunctious baby Leopards

This is my newest editorial from Marie Claire China, it was quite a magical ride. Amber Gray, my magical fairy princess of photography, upon request of Marie Claire, created Loli/Anime world of child’s play.

We had two beautiful models with us, it was fun creating doll like make up on them (blocking the brows off is pain in the butt and I do not recommend doing it if you have multiple beauty looks and time constraint…phew).
True stars of the show, however, were 3 adorable members of animal kingdom. White Bengal tiger who in between shoots slept in her crate with baby Pug puppy (they would snuggle with each other), white horse, who patiently stood while being painted into the zebra and one very loud and inquisitive baby leopard.
My favorite was sweet tiger, when her handler would lift her up, you can see her fat belly full of milk, fat and squishy…the joy!!!

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