I am BAACK!!!

My two dearest readers, as you know, I was away for a good while, for a good reason though.
I became a wife, I introduced my beautiful husband to my country and I am moving in amazing direction in my career. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and I have so much to tell you. Lets start from the beginning.

Who would have thought, that little girl, obsessed with purple and far away lands would say yes to a man of her dreams in front of Statue of Liberty, dressed in her favorite color.
Dressed and married by a woman who is beloved friend and who lived with me trough some of the most painful and life changing moments of my life. It is like a fairytale.

But there I was, in the shadows of the beloved city, looking in the eyes of the man who brought me out of the darkness and has become my true constant companion, my inspiration and my true light.
My husband.

Getting married in front of the Statue of Liberty was very important for my life story. I wanted to say thank you, to people I lost, for people that envelop me with their love,  for the country they gave me and country that gave me them. This city, my true home. It’s street are veins that course to my heart and pump me with constant inspiration and hope. How can I not fuse everything that I love, with the city I love.

Our wedding was very intimate and every bit made by us and people we love. We made our own invitation, we, along with our friends decorated our love boat, our photographers were people we know and love. We were a part of very personal and emotional event. Both of my dresses were made by my best friend, who has fused all of the intimate details into them, she has weaved our life story into the fabric and weaved her soul into the every stich. How lucky am I?

So there we were, promising each other, something we lived for this beautiful 10 years. To continue to be each other best friends and to respect each other individuality and intellect.
Together, so individual and our own, we managed to create one person that is able to embrace dual aspects of itself and be stronger united.
We made this promise surrounded by people we love and I can not tell you how happy I am to be a wife to the kindest, gentlest, most talented and inspiring man in the world.
Thank you universe!


  1. Congratulations! It looks beautiful, I’m very happy for you both. Viktorija you have more than 2 readers don’t be ridiculous! But I’m glad you’re blogging again.

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