Tyson Beckford for Russel Simmons

I met Tyson when I was working on Bravo’s Make Me a Supermodel, that was almost 2 years ago. He was charming, friendly, approachable and generous guy that everyone naturally gravitated toward.
Of all of the people I met trough that experience, he was the one that would always comment on my career updates, send emails and keep in touch. True genuine soul, free of pretense, free of “you are not cool, connected or rich enough for me to pay attention”. He always had time to talk to anyone, his physical beauty certainly matches his heart.
So few months ago, he contacted me to see if I am available to do his grooming for Russel Simmons line, he is a new face of Argyleculture. How awesome!!! I am so proud of him, and I wish him to just continue to soar, I am truly a fan and so proud to be part of this experience. Go Ty Ty!!! Thank you!

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